SINGLE: "iwillfly"

prod. by Wittman
written & recorded by The Brodcast

This was a song I tried to just write without thinking too much, just let it flow out and see what happens. I basically wrote the cadences and filled in words that made some sense. It's all about the feeling and the style that came out.
To live a creative life takes more than a small amount of both boldness and reflection. It takes some fortitude to go against the grain of what is expected, and the chorus comes around with that strong inner dialogue to get you through it.
The verses seem to capture a sense of the simplified life I want to live, close to nature and simple pleasures, observing my place but also just flowing along with it. I tend to get too heavy about life usually as well, so it's a note to self: keep it light.
"young leaders learn to stay grounded/observe the mountains and trees/send roots down in the dirt..."

SINGLE: "That Feeling"

prod. by Grimeshine
written & recorded by The Brodcast

"you know "That Feeling" it's like you evolved... And all of your problems are solved. And you know they come back but for now it is all...good. And I think we all should unwind and relax, sunshine on our backs, sometimes we will cry but for now we will laugh at the sky and the past, and feel good...cuz feelings don't last."

VIDEO DROPS 4/27/16 (go to NEWS!)


2015's The Wander EP is an audiopoetic experience designed to provide solace on the journey of life and spiritual growth. Best listened to from start to finish, The Wander EP sounds like a walk down to the beach through the forest around sunset.

The Wander EP was produced by Brodie Peterson and Zach Wittman, with coproduction by Nima Skeemz on "Marching Hearts."

It is available here on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

I also made some physical copies, get at me to cop one!


unreleased x unrealized transmissions captured from 2010-2013.


All original music composed by Zach Wittman and produced by Brodie Peterson, except "Lovin'" (composed by Peter Lee Johnson). Intro and outro composed and produced by Brodie Peterson.

All lyrics written, recorded and produced by Brodie Peterson ( @the_brodcast )
Cover art by Brodie Peterson.

Features Jordan McIntyre (The Vision), Jimmy Froio (Crash), Creston White (Dreamwalkin, Faded), Peter Lee Johnson (Lovin', King of Hearts).