I'm Brodie Peterson. I make music, events, and multimedia projects happen with genuine, awesome people.

Based in Seattle, WA.

Based in Seattle, WA.

I push myself out of my comfort zone consistently through travel, work, performance and taking on new challenges.

I believe in human potential and choosing the write path.

My work is about seeing, supporting and showing off the expressed potential in those around me. 

I'm here to document the revolution.

And add a soundtrack...

Check out my most recent projects, a mini-documentary about a friend's Street Art in Rio de Janeiro from a recent trip to Brazil, and The WANDER EP, a completely self-recorded hip-hop project (in collaboration with producer Zach Wittman.) 

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“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean un-sailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.” -Brian Tracy
“Lord we may know what we are, but know not what we may be.” -William Shakespeare