My name is Brodie Peterson.

I'm a multimedia artist x connector in Seattle, WA.

And I believe it's time for a new story.  

In the old stories, we were helpless.

We were told to wait our turn, to ask permission.

We were taught to raise our hands, follow rules, and be afraid of standing out.

In the old stories, we voted when we wanted our problems solved. We played the role of spectator, cheering on the players. 

We made excuses, we chased degrees that we didn't want.

We were ridiculed for dreaming, for wanting to reach and strive.

We were trained to work everyday, go home and watch TV, then party our brains out on the weekends.

The old story was nice, in a way, because we didn't have to feel responsible.

The new story is different.

We are no longer the dreamers, but the do-ers.

We don't wait.

We are the players.

We take responsibility for solving our problems, and bringing our dreams to life.

We have the tools we need and teach ourselves how to use them.

We are the builders, the publishers, the record labels, the TV stations.

We throw our own shows.

We shed skin and re-grow limbs, we adapt to changing tides.

We trust ourselves.

We learn from the movers and the shakers of the past, and see that we are them too.

We trust ourselves and each other. 

We take the raw materials of hopes, dreams, doubts, and friendship, and turn them into gold.

We are unleashed potential.

And we are free.

Because this time, we're writing the story.

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I've always felt a deep need to live for something larger than myself.

Lately, I'm starting to believe that what that is the idea that we can and must take responsibility for ourselves and the world around us. 

I'm just here trying to play my part and reach those who are ready to play theirs.

It's the rise of the real in the times of the truth.