it's all in the feeling you feeling inside/ when you know it's a ride/ only here til we die...



The Brodcast is a four-piece band formed in West Seattle. With a sound rooted in contemporary hip-hop, catchy melodies, and meaningful lyrics, The Brodcast invites each audience on a journey through the inner world to find and retrieve what lights us up and holds us together. 

Described as "very like chilled out, hope-injected realism" that "still gets pretty live when performed," The Brodcast offers dynamic, theatrical performances. Sometimes compared to Citizen Cope, or Chicago's Kweku Collins, The Brodcast offers a range of melodic raps, from the occasional double-timed verse, to full on singing, with smoky, jazzy backup vocals.

There is a reflective quality to what they bring that asks people to consider and feel and question in ways that we often neglect.

The group is extremely versatile in live settings, as demonstrated with shows along side groovy pop-rock group Richie Dagger's Crime, hip-hop acts like Sendai Era or KnowMads, reggae-punk band Dead Sonics, and crooner Ben Zaidi, just to name a few.

The Brodcast began with one voice a few years ago and has been growing, evolving and finding shape since then. This slower marination of ideas, along with a sense of growth and possibility is reflected in the depth and blend of catchy but conceptual lyrics and content, and promises exciting releases in 2017. 

Look for a sense of assurance underlying this music, a reminder that whatever the cultural climate, we've got our gifts and each other, and when those are combined, anything is possible. 


2015's The Wander EP is an audio experience designed to provide solace on the journey of life and spiritual growth. Best listened to from start to finish, The Wander EP sounds like a walk down to the beach through the forest around sunset.

The Wander EP is available here on Soundcloud and Bandcamp


Vocals+Production / Brodie Peterson
Backup Vocals+style / Holly The Riot
LIVE Drums / Collin Andreson
LIVE Bass / Marshall "Abilities" Hance
Additional Production & Composition / Zach Wittman

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