I can't not?


Ya know? It's like birds fly and bears cr@p in the woods or something?

A driving force; beginning somewhere on the inside of me and then finding its way out into the world. 

But I'm willing, y'know?

Those early Jason Silva videos really spoke to me in college... where he would riff rhapsodically on different ideas and possibilities for a few minutes? You know the ones. 

An idea that always stuck out to me was from his video on imagination. He alluded to this unique conception of humans as something like imagination machines... Like we have these ideas and extrude them out into the world around us! 

Something about that wording made sense to me, like a little puzzle piece that clicked into place. 

So, why The Brodcast? Why all these lyrics and songs? Why the shows we organize, the closet recording studios, the missed social events? Why ride the ups and downs of a creative life? Why write those 3 pages everyday?

Well, there's something inside of me...and perhaps I've just convinced myself that I'm here to let it out. 


(P.S. highly recommend watching one of those videos)

brodie peterson

green trees, star light