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STAY HAPPY CENTRAL: SoulTanz, The Brodcast, Liv, SubLo

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Stay Happy Collective presents...

X X V l l

6PM // Art market! 20+ Local artists, all pieces under $50.

9PM // Music from Liv, The Brodcast, and SoulTanz

6-9pm free
After 9PM: $5-10 sliding scale at the door
*all door proceeds go to musicians!


Keeping her family and friends at the forefront of all that drives her, she uses her love and obsession of music, mixed with a knack for entrepreneurship, to bring what she feels are “dope sounds and lyrics” to her audience. At the age of 28, LIV has spent that last 6 years earning a bachelor’s degree in music performance, a Masters in Arts leadership, created a performing arts program for youth in her hometown, and successfully managed and performed in the Hip Hop soul group “Genevieve”. Her first solo EP “5 Summers” is a reflection piece that touches on the love and loss she experienced during the journey through those years as well as what it takes to get out of your own way and be whoever you want.


Seattle dream-hop / indie soul band The Brodcast invites audiences on a journey with dreamy-jazzy musical backdrops, hip-hop drums, and thoughtful lyrics designed to pick apart the status quo while calling forth something better. High energy performances and crowd engagement set their shows apart as memorable, immersive experiences.


Seattle native Shayhan is the vocalist, co-producer, and songwriter of Soultanz. As a singer, he has been featured on songs by Sol and BFA. He counts Bradley Nowell, Kaytranada, and Michael McDonald as his influences.
Jared is deeply involved in the composition of the music, spending long hours arranging samples, recording live instruments, and writing lyrics. His influences are Madlib, Jay Dee, and Latin-American music. He is from Massachusetts.

Dj Sub Lo