01: The "Plan"

Plans, schmans, that's what I always say.  


I put the p-word in " "s to emphasize that we are not especially bound by said "plans" on our forthcoming journey.

It's more of a quest after all. 

Like Lord of the Rings.

Minus the orcs. (Ideally.) And the rings. (TBD.)

Anyways, as far as the plan goes, we don't have much laid down, but to be fair, we have charted a bit of rough draft.

We're heading east. 

Tim, who's joining us for the first two weeks of the trip, has us signed up for a bike ride across Iowa. 

Ya, ya, laugh. "What's in Iowa!?" 

(I don't know.)

But beginning July 19 and extending to July 26, we'll be biking (and splitting van duty) from one small town in Iowa to the next, Missouri River to the Mississippi, starting in Sioux City. 

It's officially called RAGBRAI - Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. 

(And it's not a race. It's a ride.) Reportedly, it's a great party. 

Next up, we've got Chicago, where we'll see off our two RAGBRAI stowaways, and then explore the windy city with our friend Gemma. 

Following that, we'll take our time cruising toward Acadia National park in Maine, before we begin our east coast descent. 

From there, we've got various cities and towns and national parks in mind to explore based on where we have friends and where we're curious about.

To name a few: we're doing Portland (Maine), Boston (See the Siburg), NY, DC (visit Angie), whatever is cool and south of there on the way to like, Charleston, NC, and probably Atlanta, Georgia, before we swing west to scope out Memphis and Nashville on the way down to New Orleans, which is heavy on the list, to be followed by Houston and Austin, Texas. Ideally, we'll cut up to Colorado, then through the allegedly beautiful mountains of Utah. Down through the Grand Canyon on the way to somewhere in California before cruising back up the West Coast. 

(And don't make me tell it again!)

SO that's the plan. We just need to go see what's out there.

We'll be bouncing around between cities and towns and mountains and lakes and distant shores. 

Questions, comments, concerns?

Write 'em down, fold a paper airplane, and throw it into the wind. Or comment below, or on @thegoodscene Instagram account.